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Cod Fillets in Olive Oil from Bacalaos Alkorta

Bacalaos Alkorta

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Luscious Cod Confit from Spain

On the Basque coast of Spain, there is a longstanding tradition of preserving fresh seafood. Bacalaos Alkorta, a family-run company in the village of Elgoibar, specializes in cod, offering it fresh, frozen, cooked, salted—and yes, jarred.

Ensuring an exceptional product, the cod used at Bacalaos Alkorta is some of the best available in the world, fished from the icy-cold eastern Atlantic waters near the Faroe Islands, a remote archipelago between Norway and Iceland. After being cleaned and filleted, the cod is gently cooked in olive oil using the confit method of slow-cooking in liquid—a method long-revered for its superior preservation of flavor and texture—resulting in rich, succulent pieces of fish with an almost silky texture.

How to use

These cod fillets in olive oil are perfection straight out of the jar—pile atop a piece of grilled bread and finish with squeeze of lemon or spoon both the fish and the olive oil over boiled new potatoes and garnish with a sprinkling of smoky Pimentón de la Vera and Fleur de Sel. For a quick meal, lightly toss the pieces of cod with lemon-scented egg fettuccine and top with a mixture of toasted breadcrumbs, freshly grated lemon zest and chopped parsley.

But don't just take our word for it. Read how the New York Times likes to serve Bacalaos Alkorta Cod Fillets.


  • 2019 sofi™ Award: Silver, Seafood Category

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Bacalaos Alkorta
7 ounces (200 grams)

Customer Reviews

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Great quality and taste. I love to prepare with scramble eggs and scallions but there are many options to match but recommend to keep to few ingredients to respect the flavor and quality of the cod fish.


These cod fillets are wonderful -- texture is silky and flavorful. I used them in place of Italian tuna in an Israeli Couscous Salad with wonderful results. Perfect item to keep in my pantry. So many ways to enjoy these cod fillets.