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Candied Orange Peel Strips from Agrimontana


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Italian Orange Peel Strips made with No Preservatives 

We've tried candied orange peel from all over the world and this is without a doubt our favorite. Sweet and slightly bitter with a sour tang, these strips of orange peel are packed in a bit of syrup to ensure moisture and freshness. The ingredient list is short and sweet: just orange peel, sugar and glucose. No corn syrup, sulfur or citric acid.

Ideal for baking, decorating, cocktail garnishes or dipping into dark chocolate for an easy and elegant dessert, we also like to serve candied orange peel with cheese. The sweet and tart flavor complements aged cheeses like Ewephoria particularly well.

This product is packaged in-house.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
William Abbate
Agrimontana Candied Orange Peels are the way to Go

Agrimontana Candied Orange Peels, along with their other candied fruit peels, are the best available. They are used by all the best bakeries and bakers, in Europe and the U.S. These are the real deal. They are imported from Italy. Give them a try. I won't use any others.

john smith
Not stellar but passible

Really the only way to enjoy decent candied orange peel is to make it yourself, it isn’t difficult and the result is infinitely better than anything you can buy. I had expected that Market hall would have least used organic oranges since the peel has the most chemical residue.

Miriam Neeman

Candied Orange Peel Strips

elizabeth salamone
Never disappoints

Everything we buy from market hall is always special and great quality!

Adri Barr Crocetti
Simply the best

This is the finest candied orange peel I have ever purchased. It is moist without being overly sticky or turning to goo when cut. The flavor is pure orange without even the barest hint of adulterative ingredients. Although this product is also sold pre-cut into cubes, I'd recommend purchasing it in stick form as it allows the cook more flexibility in its use. It is excellent when cut and used in baked goods or left whole and dipped into chocolate.