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Beau Breakfast Black Tea by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Black Tea Flavored with Bael Fruit and Hibiscus

Tea type: Black

Flavor: Beau Breakfast is a blend of black tea flavored with aromatic Bael fruit (also known as Bengal quince or golden apple) and hibiscus flowers. The tea is rich and smooth with a robust black tea flavor, delicate tropical fruitiness and bright tang.

Drink this tea with: This fruity French black tea is beautiful served both hot and over ice. The citrusy, floral notes of the tea pair perfectly with fruit-based desserts like berry tarts and pavlovas.

Cooking with tea: Make tea and fruit ice pops—pour lightly sweetened brewed tea into Popsicle molds and drop a couple berries or pieces of diced fruit (we love mango here too) in before freezing.

Words by Mariage Frères: "Handsome and delicious! This BEAU BREAKFAST TEA is a flavourful blend of suave black tea enriched with the round and enveloping taste of Bengal quince, enlivened by a tonic hibiscus rich in vitamin C.

The most beautiful way to begin the day."

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Mariage Frères
100 grams (loose leaf)