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Wedding Imperial Tea by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Tea Type: Black

Flavor: Wedding Imperial pleasantly sweet afternoon tea flavored with chocolate and caramel essences that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Drink this tea with: Serve with a touch of cream - no sugar needed. Enjoy this French tea with decadent Antonio Mattei Cantuccini studded with bittersweet chocolate.

Cooking with tea: Dazzle your guests with a tea fruit tart. Fill prepared tart shell with tea-infused custard and top with seasonal fruit.

Words from Mariage Frères tea house: “A paean to love. This glamorous blend is steeped in the passion that weds the malty power of golden Assam tea leaves to the sweetness of notes of chocolate and caramel. Perfect clarity. Evidence of a peerless marriage.”

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Mariage Frères

Customer Reviews

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Delicious iced!!

Love this tea hot but it is especially refreshing iced for those hot summer days when nothing but a cold drink will do!

The Best in Paris or the U.S.

If you like the hint of caramel in your black tea, then Wedding Imperial is for you. I've tried lots of teas all over the world but my favorite by far is Marriage Freres Wedding Imperial Tea. It's a great way to start the day! Both Wedding Imperial and Marco Polo are very smooth teas and have a great taste.

one of the finest black teas ever!

I have always enjoyed the French Breakfast Tea since my trip to Paris and I decided to order Wedding Imperial tea to try. It's fantastic! I enjoy even more than the French Breakfast tea now. The flavors of chocolate and caramel are delightful but not overwhelming. I enjoy it with cream. It's like a having a liquid dessert!

Perhaps the most delightful black tea on Earth

I have tried, and hardly recommend a total of about 10 different Mariage Freres teas. But my all-time favorite black tea is Wedding Imperial. It has a depth and complexity of flavor that delights whether enjoyed hot or iced.

I make a concentrate of Green, Pu Erh and Wu Long teas and add Wedding Imperial to the mix for flavor, add a little (to taste) of this concentrate to a glass and fill with water and ice. To make the concentrate I use 2 tablespoons of each and steep in 20-24 ounce teapot for 15 minutes or so. I get several days worth of the healthy concentrate, and the flavor of the Wedding Imperial still comes through!

The 6 ounce refills available here at Market Hall will also save money compared to the tins that are more commonly available.

Most highly recommended!

Exotic, But Caution–Both Flavored and Scented.

Pros: Deep, rich, dark, exotic tastes of tobacco, vanilla, and caramel all in one beautiful cup of tea. I love it iced in summer.

Cons: I wanted to branch out from this brand's French Breakfast tea–my all time favorite–and to indulge in a tea that had stronger vanilla, caramel, and chocolate notes. But buy with caution if you are a daily consumer of their French Breakfast and are expecting the same base and a variety flavoring. This tea is not only more strongly flavored, but also very strongly scented–a characteristic of the tea I was not expecting. It leaves some sort of coating on the tongue that the French Breakfast does not, and I am chalking that up to the scenting of the tea. I have to mix one part to two parts French Breakfast to avoid the perfume type aftertaste.