Featured Forager: KL Keller Foodways

“Gee, I sure wish I could find some . . . ” That’s how Kitty Keller, founder of KL Keller Foodways, started her business. Craving tiptop ingredients, sussing them out, playing in the pantry, dreaming up new combos . . . et voilà! KL Keller in her kitchen. Now in yours.

What is KL Keller Foodways?

Kitty has been in the food business for more than 22 years, fearlessly foraging and importing the best tasting and most interesting products from France and Spain. In addition, when she couldn't find the level of quality and unique flavor profiles that she sought from products elsewhere on the market, Kitty created her own line of premier foods under the KL Keller Foodways label. It all started with some walnut oil . . . Read more of Kitty's story here.

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