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Alaea Red Hawaiian Sea Salt

KL Keller Foodways

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This Hawaiian sea salt has a beautiful rust color and intensely earthy flavor thanks to naturally occurring iron-rich red clay where the salt is harvested.

In Hawaii, alaea salt is used with all types of pork. We also like it in a Thanksgiving turkey rub, in the marinade for grilled shrimp, as a finishing touch on sautéed snapper fillets or, for a multihued starter, sprinkled over caprese salad. Great for adding a dash of color to any dish, red Hawaiian salt is also fun to use on the edge of a Bloody Mary glass or in playful creations like brownies or chocolate cupcakes sprinkled with red sea salt.

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Delicious and unique, beautiful and exotic salt!

I love this salt so much, I was prompted to do some research. Apparently, red Alaea clay is prized by native Hawaiians for its spiritual and health benefits. Traditionally, Hawaiians use this clay in ceremonies to cleanse and purify tools and canoes, as well as in healing rituals for medicinal purposes. The clay is extracted from veins between layers of lava rock. It is purified, refined,then bonded to the finest White Hawaiian Sea Salt.

This salt has a mysterious ability to transform everything it touches into blissfully delicious and unique flavors. I use it on everything: eggs, salads, fish, vegetables (especially potatoes)--everything. This salt is completely irresistible, irreplaceable--I wouldn't want to live without it!