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Pandoro from Pasticceria Filippi

Pasticceria Filippi

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Traditional Italian Holiday Sweet Bread

Welcome the star of your holiday feast. Pasticceria Filippi’s Pandoro, literally “golden bread,” is a buttery brioche cake with cloudlike crumb, rich yellow color (thanks to plenty of free-range eggs) and delicate vanilla bean fragrance that will send you to the moon. Similar to panettone, but without candied fruit and raisins, this pandoro is made with the Filippi family’s 40-year-old yeast starter and baked in a tall, star-shaped mold until — you guessed it — golden. The finished loaves are hung upside down to cool in order to maintain their celestial shape and out-of-this-world texture.

Dusted with the powdered sugar included in the package, your pandoro’s tender peaks and valleys are meant to resemble the snowy Italian Alps in winter. Serve everyone their own slice of the mountain with sweetened mascarpone, zabaglione or spiced fruit compote. Or hollow out the center of the loaf and fill it with ice cream. In Christmases of yore, pandoro was a treat reserved for royalty. Now you can bring it home to shine on your own holiday table.

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Pasticceria Filippi
1000 grams