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Olio Nuovo from Séka Hills

Séka Hills

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Freshly Pressed 2018 Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A limited offering of the first crush of the olive oil season from Séka Hills in Capay Valley, California. Séka Hills produced only a limited amount of this prized extra virgin olive oil. 

Tasting Notes: This olio nuovo is pungent and bitter, with aromas of freshly mowed green grass. Everything about this oil is layered with fresh bright green and peppery flavors; these flavors will evolve daily. 

Uses: Olio nuovo is meant to be enjoyed right away, so pour with abundance. For a taste of heaven, douse a piece of warm, toasted country bread in Séka Hills Olio Nuovo and finish with salt and pepper. It is also exceptional drizzled generously over sautéed green vegetables like kale, broccolini and romanesco—just add a sprinkle of fleur de sel. Use this freshly pressed California olive oil to garnish a salad of creamy avocado and juicy citrus segments—or try substituting it for the butter in mashed potatoes or other vegetable purées such as cauliflower, parsnip or carrot.

Read why the LA Times says Olio Nuovo makes "a symbolically and seasonally perfect Hanukkah ingredient — and not a bad holiday gift."

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Séka Hills
United States
250 ml
Harvest Date
October 2018
Olive Varietal