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Huilerie J. Leblanc Walnut Oil

Huilerie J. Leblanc

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Walnut oil is the most durable of the nuts oils, with an intense, nutty flavor and creamy texture. We love using walnut oil with seafood - try tossing poached shrimp or lobster in walnut oil and a squeeze of lemon for a decadent seafood salad.

About the Producer:

Huilerie J. Leblanc's production of nut oils began in 1878 and has really changed very little as the company now rests on the shoulders of the newest Leblanc, Jean Charles. At the factory in Burgundy, pounds of nuts are ground into a paste, what is essentially nut butter, and this paste is roasted. And that's really it! This paste is allowed to settle and the oil is drained off creating a decadent nut oil with the most luxurious flavor and creamy texture. What is left is the most pronounced essence of the oils within the nut.

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Huilerie J. Leblanc
250 ml