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Fat Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fat Gold

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2020 Harvest California Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italian Varietals

Aroma:  Artichoke and freshly picked tomatoes

Flavor:  This bold and peppery olive oil is expertly balanced using Frantoio and Maurino olives. 

Uses:  An incredibly versatile oil, Fat Gold's Gold Standard can be used to enhance everything from citrus salads and white beans in the cooler months, to adding the perfect finishing touch to cold soups (think gazpacho) or swirled over a scoop of dark chocolate gelato in the warmer times of year. 

About the Producer: Fat Gold is an independent, small-batch olive oil producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The founders, Kathryn Tomajan and Robin Sloan launched Fat Gold in 2016 and have steadily gained a loyal following for their award-winning oils. 

Certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council

Harvested November 2020

More Info

Fat Gold
United States
Bay Area, California
Harvest Date
Fall 2020
Olive Varietal
Frantoio, Maurino