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Classic Panettone from Pasticceria Filippi

Pasticceria Filippi

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Traditional Italian Christmas Cake Studded with Candied Fruit

'Tis the season for panettone! Filippi’s Classic Panettone is a buttery, dome-shaped brioche flecked with luscious candied orange cubes and raisins and scented with natural vanilla. The golden dough is made with the Filippi family’s 40-year-old yeast starter, plus free-range eggs, real Bourbon vanilla beans and butter for a light yet richly flavored bite.

This rich bread is traditionally eaten as a festive finish to the Christmas meal along with glasses of dessert wine, mixed nuts, dried fruit and torrone. Or for an unforgettable dessert, make bruléed panettone—place thick slices of panettone on a baking sheet, brush with melted butter, sprinkle with a thin layer of sugar and broil for 1–2 minutes until the sugar caramelizes. Buy a few extra for hostess gifts and a couple more to make fabulous French toast in the morning.

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Pasticceria Filippi
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