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Anamalai Nutmeg from Diaspora Co.

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Whole Single-Origin Nutmeg

Grown on a family estate in Tamil Nadu, South India, this whole nutmeg is tree-ripened, which allows the seed to retain its maximum oil content and flavor. Nutty and slightly sweet, this nutmeg is bold with notes of tobacco and molasses.

Please note: These nutmeg seeds are still in their pod which helps maintain their freshness, but need to be removed before use. Crack open with a nutcracker or the flat side of a knife to remove and grate the inner nutmeg seed.

How to use

Nutmeg is particularly well-suited to buttery, rich dishes, adding subtle heat and depth. Use it as a seasoning for mashed potatoes or a creamy sunchoke gratin. Or try it grated over egg pasta loaded with butter and generous shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

It's also an essential element of pumpkin pie and lends a warming spice to luscious cheesecakes and custards. And while it's best known as the classic garnish for eggnog, try adding a touch of nutmeg shavings over your morning coffee for an everyday treat.

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About the producer

Sana Javeri Kadri, founder of Diaspora Co., is changing the way the supply chain works in the spice industry. Her goal is to put money, equity and power back into the hands of the farmers by cutting out the middle man and decolonizing the commodity spice trading system.

Sana grew up in Mumbai, India and moved to America to attend college. After graduating, she began working as the marketing manager for a grocery store in the San Francisco Bay Area. During her time there she realized that the sourcing of particular products, like chocolate and coffee, was becoming more and more transparent to retailers and customers, but that was still not the case with spices. This fueled Sana's desire to bring the spices she grew up with to the American market and create a better, more equitable spice trade model focused on flavor, sustainability, heirloom seeds and empowering farmers.

Sana started her journey with a five-month trip to India, where she learned about the spice industry and begin working with the Indian Institute of Spice Research (a non-profit agricultural research facility that works with farmers to promote sustainable and profitable spice production). Through this institute, she began learning about turmeric cultivation and was also introduced to farmers growing heirloom varietals of the spice. She returned to Oakland and after much hard work launched her first spice stateside: Pragati Single-Origin Heirloom Turmeric

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