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French Breakfast Tea by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Tea Type: Black

Flavor: A full-bodied breakfast tea that will awaken the senses with deep malty notes and a hint of bittersweet chocolate.

Drink this tea with: Pairs wonderfully with Partridges Honey & Lavender Butter Biscuits and the morning newspaper.

Cooking with tea: Move over hickory, use this tea to create a flavorful tea smoking packet for your favorite grilled meats. Discover how to smoke with tea here.

Words from Mariage Frères: “This perfect marriage of great and elegant black teas produces a rounded taste of malt and chocolate. Its highly developed flavour is both powerful and refined. A felicitous blend in the best tradition of the French art of Tea. With or without milk, perfect with a continental breakfast.”

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Mariage Frères

Customer Reviews

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Satisfying tanins with a hint of lavender and citrus

Very understated tea. There are just the right amount of tannins in my mouth. There is also an undernote of lavender and citrus. Very fascinating and mysterious cup of tea that would pair well with rose, lavender, and sugar cookie!

Enos Banda

Great fragrant tea, generous leaves, solid.

Anahid Vrana
French Breakfast Tea by Mariage Frères

Absolutely delicious tea company.
Thanks for offering this amazing brand.
Happy in Chapel Hill

My Favorite Tea

I typically love strong, flat black teas with an Assam base, like Yorkshire, over citrus-infused black teas like Earl Grey. I also like to drink my tea with a little bit of milk, to cut the acid, and for flavor.

This tea... this tea! It has an incredible depth of flavor, I can only describe it floridly. It's gentle, like a warm hug from a favorite, mischievous aunt. It's sweet, with subtle chocolate notes, like you dunked one single digestive biscuit in it once. It's incredibly smooth-- once it hits that perfect temperature, it's like wrapping up in a favorite blanket.

I brew 3-5 minutes with fully boiling water, although I've forgotten it for as long as 20 minutes (!!!) and with a little milk it's still very pleasant.

If you prefer the Earl Grey side of things-- try the Paris Breakfast Blend. Like tea and marmalade.

George Harris
Not what I thought I was ordering but good

I intended to buy Paris Breakfast tea but somehow wound up ordering French Breakfast tea. It is good but am going to have to order Paris as well