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Yuzu Mayonnaise from Yakami Orchard

Hotaru Foods

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Japanese-Style Mayo Flavored with Yuzu Citrus Fruit

In 2003, The New York Times named yuzu as “the darling of chefs.” Over the past decade, this delectable hybrid of the Ichang papeda lemon and a sour mandarin orange has grown in popularity making it both the darling of chefs and home cooks alike. With its delicate notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit, yuzu is the ideal citrus for both savory and sweet preparations.

Hotaru Foods is harnessing the power of this little knobby fruit and combining it with the decadence of Japanese-style Mayonnaise. Think Kewpie, but better. Made with freshly harvested eggs, pure yuzu juice and soybean oil, this preservative-free mayonnaise is absolutely luscious with a bright pop of citrus. Coming in an easy to use squeeze bottle, Yuzu Mayo is perfect anywhere you would use traditional mayonnaise.

How to use

Yuzu mayonnaise is fantastic in any seafood preparation. Add a kick to tartar sauce or as a binder for crab cakes.  How about yuzu coleslaw on a fried fish sandwich? However, there is nothing like enjoying the simplicity of using it as a dip for rich, buttery steamed artichokes.

For a sweet treat, substitute Yuzu Mayo for traditional mayonnaise in a classic Southern Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake!

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Hotaru Foods
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Customer Reviews

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Linda Easton
Excellent packaging for Mailing

The items came properly wrapped! Great service!

My brother is obsessed

My brother is obsessed with this mayonnaise and it is the perfect gift for both his birthday and Christmas.

marian branch
Just when you thought...

...there were no wonderful new flavors out there, the husband brings home a bottle of this mayonnaise that was in front of an artichoke display at Bristol Farms. He didn't bring the artichokes, so I sampled some straight from the bottle. The citrus flavors are captivating. They linger in the back of the palate. I wish I had a crab cake or piece of shrimp to slather it on. The tropical chicken will have to do.