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Wild Mountain Cumin from Burlap & Barrel

Burlap & Barrel

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Single-Origin Wild Cumin Seeds from Badakhshan, Afghanistan

Burlap & Barrel's Wild Mountain Cumin is grown and foraged in the Hindu Kush mountains, a range in northeastern Afghanistan characterized by steep, rocky peaks and lush, green valleys. Winters with an abundance of snowfall bring equally abundant vegetation come spring, including wild flowering cumin plants (the bunium persicum varietal). 

Once you open a jar of Burlap & Barrel's mountain cumin, you'll be enchanted at first smell. Breathe in and you'll be rewarded with an intoxicating aroma that is both bright and warm with rich, toasty notes that linger in the air. These wild cumin seeds may be small in size (they are about half the size of commercially-grown cumin), but they are big on flavor. The seeds are sun-dried, preserving their fragrant aroma and deep, nutty savory flavor. 

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How to use

These wild cumin seeds petite size make them easy to use straight from the jar, no grinding necessary. Add to spice rubs, dressings and marinades or bloom in oil for flavorful sautés, soups and stews. 

For an easy spice rub, mix two teaspoons each Pimentón de La Vera DOP and kosher salt with one teaspoon each Mountain Cumin seeds, Urfa Pepper and ground coriander. Use to season everything from lamb chops and chicken thighs to roasted potatoes and vegetables before they hit the grill. Or try pairing this cumin with oregano in this classic recipe for Turkish Meatballs (pictured)

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