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Caputo Semolina Flour

Antico Molino Caputo

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From Caputo, makers of the ever-popular  ‘00’ Flour, comes their Semola di Grano Duro Rimacinata, or Semolina Flour. Caputo's Semolina is re-milled several times, creating a more finely ground, amber-colored flour, ideal for making fresh pasta and breads. Use semolina flour in fresh pasta recipes, and yield rich, yet delicate noodles. Try this recipe from David Lebovitz. In bread making, a small proportion of durum semolina added to the usual mix of flour is said to produce a tasty, crisp crust. Also, as an alternative to corn meal, use this semolina to prevent dough from sticking to surfaces.

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Antico Molino Caputo
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