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Raw Lara Walnuts from Pariani


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Lara Walnuts from Northeast Italy

Cherished for their sweet and creamy flavor, Lara walnuts are less bitter than other varieties, lending themselves to endless applications. Ready to use, chop and mix into bread dough (we love these in a cranberry and walnut sourdough!), sprinkle over salads, or swap them in for pine nuts for a riff on traditional pesto.

About the Producer

Pariani is world renowned for their top quality nuts and nut products. The founder, Mattia Pariani, began his love affair with Italian D.O.P hazelnuts during his studies at the University of Torino, where his thesis on hazelnut oil won the National Innovation Prize. Not content with scholarly writing and research, Mattia began sourcing the finest hazelnuts, extracting and bottling his own oils from the finest Piemontese hazelnuts and quickly gained a reputation as the ultimate artisan producer of Italian nuts. Mattia’s passion is evident in all of the Pariani products, like his whole Sicilian pistachios and chopped Italian nuts.

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5.29 oz - 150 g

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Michael D

I love shopping with Market Hall Foods! I live on the East Coast but placing an order is super convenient and they carry nothing but quality products. Most varieties of nuts taste meh until you have a real quality version of that nut. As far as Walnuts go, this is it! Very tasty without any weird “stale” flavor that I often find with commercial nuts. These are expensive and hard to find for a reason. I ordered a few bags and will order more. Snacking, Salads, Pestos, Sweets. Delicious!