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Summer Squash and Corn Fresh Ravioli

The Pasta Shop

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This perishable or weather-sensitive item requires expedited shipping to ensure it will arrive in the most delicious condition.

Try this summer ravioli with some crumbled Italian sausage and a bit of tomato sauce - it's also great with pesto.

About the Producer:

Locally produced, daily-made pasta is our passion. Our pasta and fillings are prepared every day with the freshest ingredients in our Bay Area kitchen. We believe blending local ingredients with time-tested recipes results in a product that honors the Italian food traditions of freshness and simplicity.

For over 25 years, making fresh pasta has been the backbone of our business. It all began in a small spot on College Avenue and now, you can find our wholesale pasta kitchen in Emeryville. Our pasta is made with simple ingredients and expertly-honed technique.  Our extruded and filled pasta is made on Saima machines from Italy and the result is a toothsome pasta with a beautiful texture.

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United States
Oakland, California
12 ounces