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Olive Oil & Vinegar Gift Collection from Calivirgin

Coldani Olive Ranch

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Five Piece Gift Set of Olive Oil & Vinegar

Gift someone this collection and give endless flavor possibilities. Calivirgin's Olive Oil & Vinegar Gift Collection houses five mini bottles including their signature, well-balanced extra virgin olive oil produced in California, a traditionally-made balsamic vinegar from Italy, and three of Calivirgin's best selling flavored olive oils. Each of the olive oils would pair beautifully with the balsamic or can lend themselves equally well to other preparations.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - An unfiltered blend of Arbequina and Koroneiki olives grown in Lodi, California. This olive oil is fruity and mild making it great for dipping but also for vinaigrettes, over steamed vegetables and baked potatoes.
  • Lusty Lemon Olive Oil - California-grown lemons are crushed with extra virgin olive oil. Drizzle over grilled rock cod, chicken skewers or fresh steamed asparagus.
  • Guilty Garlic Olive Oil - Fresh garlic cloves are crushed along with the olives during extraction for a savory, umami garlic flavor. Toss with fresh herbs for a crowd-pleaser dipping oil, or use this garlic olive oil to dress bowls of pasta, soup or grilled steak.
  • Bountiful Basil Olive Oil - The essence of fresh basil is captured in this fruity olive oil. Caprese salad is elevated by a drizzle of this olive oil. Try dousing baked potatoes with a generous pour and sprinkle with parmesan, or use to dress green salads.
  • Barrel-Aged Balsamic - Imported from Modena, Italy, this balsamic is made using traditional methods, aging it in wooden casks for up to 18 years. Use the balsmic to make tasty vinaigrettes with any of the olive oils in this collection or employ it on its own, over strawberries, mozzarella or panna cotta.

About the Producer: The Coldani family has been farming the San Joaquin Valley for over 70 years. The modern planting and machine-harvesting techniques utilized at Coldani Olive Ranch allow harvest to occur at optimum fruit maturity for flavor and freshness. Fresh olives are milled within hours of harvest using state-of-the-art cold-temperature extraction technology to ensure a clean and unadulterated oil. All of the extra virgin olive oil is estate grown; they don't use any pesticides and their product are organically and sustainably produced from their family owned and operated farm.

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Coldani Olive Ranch
United States
Lodi, California
5 bottles, 100 ml each