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Frantoi Cutrera Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frantoi Cutrera

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2019 Harvest Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tasting notes

This single varietal Sicilian extra virgin olive oil is made with 100% Nocellara del Belice olives. The oil is bold and fruity with notes of green olives, aromas of green herbs and a persistent spiciness that lingers on the palate. A medium to robust oil.

How to use

Frantoi Cutrera Nocellara extra virgin olive oil is fish and seafood's best friend. Drizzle liberally over flame-kissed swordfish steaks topped with crumbled Sicilian oregano and salt-cured capers. Or whisk together with lemon juice and a touch of salt and use to dress poached seafood. We also love it whipped into an aioli and served alongside lightly fried squid and lemon slices. 

This monocultivar extra virgin olive oil also loves all things tomato. It shines poured over a plate of peak-season heirloom tomatoes topped with a smattering of fleur de sel. For a bright, vibrant vegetable side, top slices of grilled zucchini with halved cherry tomatoes tossed with Frantoi Cutrera Nocellara, chopped mint and a squeeze of lemon.  

About the producer

Frantoi Cutrera’s oils are the result of a harmonious collaboration between the Sicilian sun, climate and land, and the passion of the Cutrera family. Since 1906, the family has been at the heart of the cultivation of olive groves in Chiaramonte Gulfi in southeastern Sicily. Today, the third generation is dedicated to producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil by perfectly balancing tradition with innovation.


  • 2020 New York International Olive Oil Competition, Medium Category: Gold 
  • 2020 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition, Medium Category: Gold 
  • 2019 New York International Olive Oil Competition: Gold 

More Info

Frantoi Cutrera
500 milliliters (16.9 ounces)
Harvest Date
Fall 2019
Olive Varietal
100% Nocellara del Belice

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