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Italian Fennel Trio Gift Set

Casina Rossa

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Italian Finocchio, Three Ways

Fennel seeds and fennel pollen are touted for their medicinal and health benefits, but any chef worth his salt, will tell you that fennel is pure magic in the kitchen!

This attractive Italian Fennel Trio Gift Set includes three ways to enjoy the anise-flavored aromatic herb. Whole Fennel Seeds are excellent toasted and tossed into grilled cheese sandwiches or used in braised dishes. Dust Fennel Pollen over flatbreads and pasta, or use as in ingredient in dry rubs for pork roasts. The unique blend of Fennel & Salt marries fennel seeds and pollen with other herbs and spices such as oregano, laurel, pepper, thyme, curry and mustard. Use this salt blend wherever you would a finishing salt - over meats, vegetables and egg dishes, or sprinkle over popcorn.

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Casina Rossa
Fennel Seed .59 oz, Fennel Pollen .36 oz, Fennel & Salt 1.1 oz