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Truffle Salt from Casina Rossa

Casina Rossa

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The pungent aroma and flavor of black summer truffles meets a fine grain Italian sea salt in this incredible product from Casina Rossa in Abruzzo. A family-run company since 1955, Casina Rossa is dedicated to preserving traditional Italian food culture. This truffle salt is the prime example of their ability to stay current & relevant amid the changing food culture of Italy and beyond.

We fell in love with this lovely product when our host sprinkled it atop a grilled filet of beef. But you can try it to finish a porcini risotto, a simple pasta dish of sweet cream butter & Parmigiano-Reggiano, or our new favorite way to kick start the day...sprinkled over fried or scrambled eggs. And for the quickest truffled popcorn ever, toss freshly-cooked popcorn with clarified butter and truffle salt!

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Casina Rossa
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Kyungwon Shin
Truffle salt

Truffle smell lasts long. I use it to sprinkle over my arugula salad and egg benedict. Love it.

Dana P
How to Make Popcorn Even Better

Add a pinch or two of truffle salt to your melted butter, dribble over your bowl of popcorn and toss, and you've got yourself a great rainy day treat. I love the smell and flavor of truffles, and using this salt is an economical way of getting a hint of Italy in your meal.

Elaine Simms
Yummy Memorable Truffle Salt

I gave one of these to my boss & was surprised to learn that he & his wife had been wanting to try some truffle salt. We all got a chance to try this salt & it is oh so yummy! Lots of truffle flavor & you use just a little bit. It comes in a good size glass container & is a cute, "oh this is special" presentation. I wanted the best truffle salt out there & I hit the jackpot on this one.