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Colombian Breakfast Chai Black Tea by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Black Tea, Cacao & Coffee Flavored with Warming Spices

Tea type: Black tea

Flavor: This French spiced tea is a blend of Colombian black tea, cacao pieces, coffee beans, cinnamon and cloves. When brewed, the tea is rich with deep, chocolatey aromas and delicate notes of warming spices. The addition of a small amount of coffee gives the tea a strong, robust backbone that is perfect for a morning pick-me-up.

Drink this tea with: Enjoy Colombian Breakfast Chai with cream and a touch of sugar or honey.

Cooking with tea: Steep the tea leaves in milk and use to make tea panna cotta or tea-infused ice cream.

Words from Mariage Frères: "COLOMBIAN BREAKFAST CHAÏ is a unique blend of black tea from Colombia crafted on exceptionally pure lands in the heart of the Andes, embellished with cacao morsels, coffee beans and spices. The cup’s beautiful chocolate nuances exhale powerful fragrances that envelope the palate and comfort with each sip. Good vibes for a delicious morning treat."

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Mariage Frères
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