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Chestnut Honey from Franca Franzoni

Franca Franzoni

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Rich, Robust Chestnut Honey from Tuscany

Franca Franzoni’s Chestnut Honey—collected from the chestnut forests high up in the Apennine Mountains between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna—is for the serious honey lover. This deep amber Tuscan honey shines with sweet, woody aromas and rich notes of molasses, dark cocoa and a pleasant bitterness.

How to use

Tuscan chestnut honey is stunning paired with a variety of cheeses—spoon over creamy blue cheeses like Dolcelatte Gorgonzola or St. Agur, drizzle atop fresh sheep’s milk ricotta or, for a true Tuscan experience, enjoy over fresh Pecorino Toscano with sliced pears.

This uniquely savory honey elevates both sweet and savory dishes. For dessert, try substituting chestnut honey for sugar in a classic vanilla gelato recipe or use as a garnish for silky panna cotta. On the savory side, brush over porchetta, or use as a glaze for grilled chicken, seared duck breasts or roasted quail.

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About the producer

Franca Franzoni’s farm just south of Florence in the Chianti region is surrounded by acacia trees, chestnut trees and fields of wildflowers, where the bees collect nectar and bring it back to hives that Franca painstakingly maintains. Franca considers herself a partner in the bees’ efforts: aiding in the building of hives, directing foraging paths, carefully monitoring collection and movement and waiting for just the right moment to harvest the honey. Her passion for beekeeping and knowledge of the local landscape of blooms ensures that Franca’s honey is always an incredible, clean artisan product.

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Franca Franzoni
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Customer Reviews

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Andrew & Beth Bonamici
Chestnut Honey from Franca Franzoni

We love this honey!

Sharon Cline
So glad you had this in stock!

This difficult to find honey is my absolute favorite. Thank you for offering it! Shipment came quickly, was well-packed.

janet lever-wood

i would like to try other specialty honeys

Pam Rauber
Chestnut Honey

I use Franco Franzoni chestnut honey in my tea or drizzled over gruyere cheese, slightly melted on a square of Italian bread.
I've been buying Franzoni honey for years. If it lasted long in my cupboard, I can be assured it would never become crystalline as so many honeys do.

Oly Annie
Woodsy sweetness.

I don’t know how to describe this honey other than to say it has a slightly woodsy taste. It is not a subtle honey. It pairs nicely with a bold cheese and is lovely for bread baking, especially breads made with whole wheat and a touch of rye flours.