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Baked Calabrian Figs from Artibel


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The southern Italian region of Calabria is famous for their Dottato of Cosenza fig. Prized for their honey-sweet aroma, juicy flesh and tiny seeds, the fruit even has its own government-issued Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP) recognition. 

Artibel grows their own Dottato figs in the Cosenza province overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Hand-harvested at the end of summer, they are immediately laid on mats to sun-dry, their sweet flavors concentrating under the heat. Finally, they are slowly baked until their natural sugars caramelize and begin to glaze the outside of the fruit

How to use

An essential component to Calabrian holiday celebrations, these special figs are to be savored like candy. On cheese and charcuterie boards, they act as a sweet foil to funky blues, tangy goat cheeses and salty prosciutto. Try adding baked figs to the roasting pan towards the end of cooking pork loin or duck, or use as a stuffing for quail.

About the producer

Founders of Artibel, Francesco and Maria Arlia, have been committed to sharing Calabria’s rich culinary traditions with the world since 1988. Central to their work is one of the region's most prized fruits, the Dottato fig of Cosenza DOP. All of Artibel’s figs are grown on their own farms and are transported directly to their state-of-the-art facility after harvest. To this day, the team still follows the Arlia family recipes for their baked figs and fig cakes.

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200 g - 7.05 oz; 2.2 lb - 35.2 oz
100% Baked "Dottato"dried Figs

Customer Reviews

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Charles Drexler
Calabrian Trouble

I knew as soon as I tasted these figs that I was in trouble. My wife eats a few dried figs with her coffee every morning. I thought: if I let her taste these Calabrian
Baked Figs she would never go back to the dried figs sold in our grocery store, and then I will be spending twice as much on dried figs from here on out. Well, I was right. My wife absolutely loves these figs and, since I love my wife, I will now be buying these figs in lots of six boxes at a time and spending a lot more money. Unless the good people at Market Hall decide to offer me a discount.
Charles Drexler

Merilee Huth

Subtle flavor of spices. Moiset and tender.