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Arborio Rice from Principato di Lucedio

Principato di Lucedio

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Classic Risotto Rice Can Be Used in a Variety of Ways

Harvested in the late summer and early fall, the rice's of Principato de Lucedio are stored, with the husk and bran intact, until the last possible minute before milling and packing. The attention to detail on the Lucedio Estate has allowed them to maintain the quality which has made the estate so famous. The superfine rice's are superior for classic risotto preparations.

Arborio is the most popular variety of rice and was the first Italian rice introduced in America for those looking to make risotto. Short-grained and very starchy, Arborio releases a great deal of this starch when cooked, but maintains its shape remarkably well. For a thick, creamy risotto, this is rice of choice.

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Principato di Lucedio
1.1 pound - 500 g

Customer Reviews

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Ted Gardella
the BEST risotto!

If you are looking for an authentic rice from Italy for your Risottos, look no further. The Arborio and the Carnaroli are both excellent.

35+ Years

More than 35 years ago began purchasing this rice while living in a small Italian village. Until the early 1990's it was available in a small green grocer in our community. Some time after I moved, I discovered Principato di Lucedio at Market Hall Foods...thank goodness! It is very simply the best.

I. Davis
The best Arborio rice ever!

I had thought all Arborio rice products were about the same until I tried a local brand when I had run out of the Principato di Lucedio brand that I had purchased at Market Hall website. The difference is like night and day! The Principato brand is much creamier and easier to prepare and the recipe accompanying it was wonderful!