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White Truffle Olive Oil from Calivirgin

Coldani Olive Ranch

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California Olive Oil Infused with Fresh Italian White Truffles

Please note new larger 250ml size. New photo coming soon. 

Calivirgin White Truffle Olive Oil is made with only two ingredients: California estate-made olive oil and fresh white truffles from Le Marche, Italy (no truffle essence, artificial flavorings or additives here). The result is an aromatic condiment that captures the intoxicating yet delicate earthiness of the prized Italian white truffle.

How to use

Use Calivirgin White Truffle Olive Oil as an elegant finishing touch to your favorite dishes—stir into creamy Risotto al Porcini (mushroom risotto), drizzle over pan-seared filet mignon or add to mashed potatoes. For an easy dinner party-ready snack, dress freshly-popped popcorn with white truffle oil and finely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese (and—don’t forget a glass of bubbly!).

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, white truffle (tuber magnatum)

More Info

Coldani Olive Ranch
United States
Lodi, California
100 milliliters (3.38 ounces)

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