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Organic Peruvian Ají Amarillo Chili Paste from Zócalo Gourmet

Zocalo Gourmet

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Fruity & Spicy Peruvian Pepper Paste

Arguably the most common pepper used in Peruvian cuisine, ají amarillo peppers offer bright notes of tropical fruit while packing a spicy punch. Often compared to the scotch bonnet, ají amarillo peppers have a similar flavor profile, but with less heat. Here, ají amarillo peppers are puréed into a concentrated, yellow-orange paste that can be used in everything from soups and stews, to marinades and sauces.

How to use

Ubiquitous in Peruvian cuisine, this pepper paste appears in many classic regional dishes, including causa, a comforting casserole of potatoes and tuna (or sometimes chicken) and ají de gallina, a creamy dish of poached chicken coated in a pepper-laden sauce. Or, try this punchy paste in tiradito, a dish of raw fish dressed in a spicy ají amarillo sauce. 

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Delicious Sauce

Zocalo’s Aji Amarillo paste is one of our favorites. My husband is from Peru and says it’s the best aji amarillo sauce he has found in the US. We use it to marinate chicken, with mayonnaise as a sandwich spread, and in other Peruvian dishes that call for aji amarillo. So delicious!