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Moroccan Harissa from Villa Jerada

Villa Jerada

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Moroccan-Style Hot Sauce

Recipes for harissa, a quintessential North African condiment, differ from country to country, region to region and even from one household to the next. According to Mehdi Boujrada, owner of Villa Jerada, every harissa recipe must have 3 overarching flavors: acidity, heat and fruitiness. His Moroccan-style harissa, based on his mother’s recipe, gets acidity from preserved lemons, heat from dried chile de arbol and fruitiness and a touch of sweetness from tomatoes. The addition of cumin and coriander add a subtle smokiness while mint adds a hint of freshness.

Use Villa Jerada Harissa as you would hot sauce. Its silky texture and tomato sauce-like consistency make it easy use as a condiment or add to your favorite recipes. Stir into couscous or add to a Moroccan tagine. Or think outside the jar and add a couple spoonfuls to yogurt for a quick, flavorful sauce for roasted vegetables, grilled meats and burgers. This spice-packed sauce is even great mixed into mashed sweet potatoes for a zesty side dish.

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