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Preserved Lemon BBQ Sauce from New York Shuk

New York Shuk

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New York Shuk takes the bright, puckering tang from preserved lemons and turns it into a sauce perfect for grilled seafood, vegetables and more warm weather fare. Made from salt-preserved lemons, honey, olive oil and turmeric, it’s far from traditional American-style BBQ sauces, but it brings a sunny, Mediterranean flavor to everything it touches.  

How to use

We love to use this sauce as a marinade for salmon, shrimp or chicken, but it can do so much more beyond barbecue. Stir this sauce into coleslaw and pasta salads to add an irresistible tanginess, or add a spoonful to herby sauces like pesto and chimichurri to give them a tart, citrusy lift.  

About the producer

Shuk means "market" in Hebrew. For Ron and Leetal Arazi, chefs and founders of New York Shuk, the bustling outdoor Israeli markets represent the intersection between culture and community, two values they wish to share through their products. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the husband-and-wife team draw culinary inspiration from their combined Jewish, Moroccan, Lebanese, Turkish and Eastern European heritages to create vibrant pantry staples to enhance everyday cooking.

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New York Shuk
United States
New York
13.5 oz - 382 g

Customer Reviews

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Unique Flavor

Wow. Really lovely as a marinade for chicken. This sauce was excellent for our Sunday dinner. Grilled chicken thighs, roasted potatoes with mint salt and olive oil, and a mixed green salad. The preserved lemon flavor is not overpowering.