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Crystal Sugar Candy from Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Sugar for Tea from Famed French Tea House

Elegant, white sugar crystals complete the Mariage Frères tea experience. Serve these crystals during tea time or keep a jar in the cupboard for you to savor anytime.

About Mariage Frères

Henri and Edouard Mariage founded the present-day Mariage Frères Tea Company in June 1854. For over 130 years the company was managed by four generations of Mariage tea merchants who maintained their business from their Parisian warehouse. The business consisted of importing premium quality leaf teas from the Orient, which were then traded to first class hotels and tea shops in France. In 1983 Mariage Frères started opening tea houses within central Paris. The first tea emporium and tea salon, located on rue du Bourg-Tibourg, opened in the same building where Henri Mariage had his offices over 150 years ago. Now, Mariage Frères has several tea salons throughout Paris as well as a tea museum. While the company impoorts and blends hundreds of teas, our directly imported selection includes approximately 30 teas.

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Mariage Frères
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