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Passion Fruit Inspiration Fèves from Valrhona


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It’s now even easier to incorporate the singular, tropical and tart flavor of passion fruit into your home bakes. Valrhona Passion Fruit Inspiration Fèves, flat discs of tropical fruit-flavored couverture chocolate, are similar to baking wafers or drops. They are specially designed for easy, even melting and their high cocoa butter content means a glossy sheen and crisp snap when tempered. Already in individual pieces, there’s no chopping required like you would a baking bar. 

After years of recipe testing and without the use of artificial flavors or dyes, Valrhona has been able to achieve a chocolate that tastes like real passion fruit with its signature sweet brightness and slight tang.

How to use

Frequently used by professional bakers and pastry chefs, fèves offer endless versatility. Make a silky-smooth passion fruit ganache for macarons, tarts and cheesecakes. Whip up a batch of tropical truffles or bon bons or drizzle a glossy passion fruit glaze over your next cake.

About the producer

Since its founding in 1922, Valrhona has been a chocolate industry leader driven by innovation and beloved by professional pastry chefs and bakers worldwide. Their commitment to quality doesn’t just mean great flavor, but social responsibility as well. A certified B corporation, Valrhona’s works directly with cocoa farmers and invests in these communities to pave a path toward both environmental and economic sustainability. 

More Info

8 oz - 1/2 lb, 16 oz - 1 lb
Sugar, cocoa butter 32.8%, dried passion fruit juice 17.3% (sugar, passion fruit), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin. This product may contain traces of nuts and gluten.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Bennett
Dangerously Delicious

I snacked on these until they were gone. I was going to use them to bake something but they ware so delicious I snacked them away!