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Semolina Flour from Moretti

Molini Riuniti Moretti

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Durum Wheat Flour

Semolina flour is wheat flour that is ground from hard durum wheat - it is the basis for all Italian dried pasta. It has a particularly high gluten and protein count, which makes it ideal for pastas, breads and doughs where a sturdy crumb is desirable.

We like to add a little semolina to tart doughs, particularly for savory tarts. It gives the dough a rustic coarseness.

Semolina is also a vital ingredient in gnocchi all Romana. These gnocchi are made from a sort of porridge of semolina that is cooled, cut and baked in the oven.

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Molini Riuniti Moretti
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Cynthia Platzer
Haven’t used it yet.

I can only say I received it. The delivery was time sensitive for an on-line cooking class I was taking, and that class concluded well before my flour was delivered.

I will have to try that recipe again, but not soon.

From my experience, it was the delivery system that failed; Market Hall Foods is VERY customer focused and worked hard to make it right and to satisfy the customer. I have ordered again from Market Hall Foods.