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Wild Organic Sicilian Fennel Seed

Azienda Agrobiologica MARINO

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The family behind Azienda Agrobiologica Marino hand harvests these organic fennel seeds from the hillsides of Monte Iblei in southeastern Sicily.  These small, greenish brown seeds are highly aromatic with a pronounced aroma and taste of sweet anise and licorice. Popular in recipes from the Mediterranean, Middle East, India, China and beyond, this spice has a multitude of uses from savory to sweet. Add some ground fennel seed in addition to the fennel fronds in Pasta Con le Sarde for a more intense, but well balanced fennel flavor. Use for making sausages, porchetta, chai or scatter over roast potatoes, rye bread, or, try chewing on a few seeds as a breath freshener. 

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Azienda Agrobiologica MARINO
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