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Wild Albacore Tuna from Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild

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Wild Albacore Tuna from the Pacific Northwest

Lummi Island troll-fish their Albacore tuna in the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest, which has earned them the highest sustainability rating from Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Blast frozen fresh as soon as it comes aboard is part of what makes this tuna so fresh and of the highest quality. 

Add this tuna to your next Niçoise salad or, indulge in the ultimate tuna melt with a layer of onion jam and a thick slice of bubbling Gruyère cheese blanketing the top.

About the producer:

Recognized as one of the most sustainable and selective reefnet fisheries in the world, Lummi Island Wild partners with tribal and state fisheries in the Salish Sea and Alaska to source their salmon and tuna. They are the only commercial fishery in the world exclusively using solar power, but remarkably that is only a small part of why the fishery is ultra sustainable. They also have virtually no by-catch mortality, in an industry that measures this in metric tons.

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Lummi Island Wild
Unites States
Pacific Northwest
6 ounces (170 grams)

Customer Reviews

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donald steinberg

Wild Albacore Tuna from Lummi Island Wild

Extreme Quality Tuna

I have purchased many cans of this tuna. Simply, it is amazing! It is canned quickly after catch. Every can I have had is a solid piece of the tuna sliced out to fit the can. It has not been tiny shreds of tuna compressed into one piece. Lummi Island Wild is a highly rated sustainable sourced provider of fresh, high-quality seafood from the Washington State area. They also partner with local Native American tribes who have been fishing the area waters for hundreds of years. Lummi Island Wild also provides an amazing collection of other very high quality seafood from their area. I have greatly enjoyed their scallops, shrimp, salmon and crab meat. I cannot recommend this tuna enough. There, absolutely is no comparison between it and any other version found in grocery stores.


The tuna is fabulous. Best canned tuna we have had in years!!