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Santidu Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Sardinian 2017 Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aroma: Fresh grass and green almond

Flavor: Santidu Extra Virgin Olive Oil is soft and supple yet well-rounded with an almost floral quality and delicate notes of green herbs (think: flat leaf parsley) and hazelnuts. A whisper of pepper lingers on the palate. A mild to medium oil.

Uses: This Italian olive oil makes a beautiful addition to classic regional dishes of Sardegna (Sardinia)—drizzle over Fregola Sarda with Clams & Zucchini, pour over crispy sheets of pane carasau topped with fleur de sel or use as a base for a simple tomato sauce destined for malloreddus (traditional saffron-flavored gnochette pasta).

Santidu olive oil also shines in simple vegetable preparations. Use to marinate baby artichokes, drizzle atop grilled asparagus or toss with fresh fava beans and spoon over crostini.

About the producer

Santidu (meaning "feelings” in Sardinian), is making olive oil from olives grown in groves that have been producing for centuries. Situated in the Marmilla region of Sardinia in the heart of the Mediterranean, Santidu is located in the perfect environment for the olive tree: planted among verdant rolling hills with southern exposure to sun and circulation of fresh air from constant sea breezes. 

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More Info

Marmilla, Sardinia
500 milliliters
Harvest Date
Fall 2017
Olive Varietal
Tonda di Cagliari, Semidana