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Sicilian Salted Capers from Caravaglio

Azienda Agricola Caravaglio

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Salt-Cured Capers from Italy

Heralded for their fragrant bouquet and delicate crunch, Sicilian capers are a staple in any Italian pantry. The island of Salina—just off the Northern Coast of Sicily—has the ideal mineral-rich soil for growing Lilliput capers, a varietal known for its sweeter, more perfumed flavor.

Antonio Caravaglio is the king of capers. To make his salt-preserved capers, the tiny buds are carefully sorted, set out to dry under the Aeolian sun for a few days and then packed in sea salt to cure. The capers are aged for two months, resulting in a firm, briny bud with a subtle floral flavor and herbaceousness.

How to use

A staple in Sicilian cooking, these salt-packed capers add a pop of salinity and texture to many dishes. To use, rinse well, or soak in water for 15–20 minutes and drain. Add them to traditional Sicilian caponata, salads or blend into sauces like our recipe for Caperchurri (caper chimichurri sauce).

As seen in Food and Wine's Eggplant Caponatina recipe.

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