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Preserved Lemon Paste from New York Shuk

New York Shuk

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Salt-Preserved Lemon Purée

New York Shuk's Preserved Lemon Paste captures the flavor-boosting power of salted-preserved lemons in a smooth, spoonable form—no rinsing or chopping required. Made simply of puréed salt-cured lemons (that's right, just lemons, lemon juice and sea salt), their paste is bold and vibrant with a pleasing citrus funk. 

How to use

This Brooklyn-made preserved lemon paste brings a little bit of lemony magic to a variety of dishes. Here are four ways to add zip, zing and zest with just a spoonful and stir:

  1. Add a few teaspoons to plain yogurt with a glug of good extra virgin olive oil. Slather on a plate and top with roasted vegetables of any kind (we love carrots, honey nut squash, broccolini and zucchini, just to name a few). Slather onto a fish sandwich or use as a dipping sauce for oven fries.
  2. Punch up your marinades. Combine with za'atar and lots of garlic in this recipe for Slow-Roasted Leg of Lamb.
  3. Make a dressing—whisk a tablespoon of preserved lemon paste with extra virgin olive oil, a little extra fresh lemon juice and a touch of honey. Toss with bitter chicories and fresh herbs, use to dress potato salad or drizzle over grilled fish and seafood.
  4. Stir into pasta sauce—try this Pasta with Squid, Harissa & Herby Bread Crumbs.

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New York Shuk
United States
New York
10 ounces (283 grams)