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Buckwheat Polenta from Moretti

Molini Riuniti Moretti

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Yellow Corn Polenta Blended with Stone-Ground Buckwheat

Buckwheat Polenta—also known as taragna polenta or polenta nera ("black polenta")— is a rich, hearty blend of coarsely ground yellow corn and buckwheat flour. The result? A warm, creamy bowlful with a touch of sweetness from the ground corn and a nutty earthiness from the buckwheat (plus it's gluten-free). 

This Northern-Italian blend is typical of the Valtellina and the Alpine valleys north of Brescia and Bergamo. While it is a staple in cold-weather cooking served with slow-cooked meat sauces or enriched with cubes Fontina Val d'Aosta or Taleggio cheese, it is equally delicious any time of the year with a variety of toppings.

How to use

Enjoy Buckwheat Polenta from Moretti all year-round:

  • Winter: Top soft polenta with caramelized mushrooms and shaved black truffles.
  • Spring: Serve with a sauté of asparagus, fresh English peas and fava beans. 
  • Summer: Garnish with sweet slow-roasted tomatoes, torn basil, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and plenty of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Fall: Devour with a traditional bolognese sauce as the nights grow cooler.

For a satisfying brunch dish you can serve any time of the year, try topping soft buckwheat polenta with garlicky sautéed greens and olive oil-fried eggs.

About the producer

The Moretti family has been growing, drying, & grinding corn since 1922 in the town of Bergamo.

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Molini Riuniti Moretti
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