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Organic Sicilian Lemon Marmalade from Marchesi di San Giuliano

Marchesi di San Giuliano

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Lemon Marmalade made with Organic Citrus

This marmalade captures the pure essence of the prized Sicilian lemon. Crafted from a hundreds-year-old recipe, Marchesi di San Giuliano's lemon marmalade is made with just two ingredients: organically-grown Sicilian lemons and organic cane sugar (yes, that's all!). The resulting marmalade is bright and tangy with subtle, nuanced notes of caramelized fruit and a pleasing rustic texture.

How to use

Slather Marchesi di San Giuliano's Organic Sicilian Lemon Marmalade on toast, flaky croissants or freshly-baked scones. This tangy marmalade also makes a wonderful baking ingredient. Layer it into marmalade crumble bars, use in lieu of jam in traditional jam thumbprint cookies or swirl through vanilla buttercream as a tangy filling for cake. 

For an easy dessert, fold lemon marmalade into lightly sweetened whipped cream, dollop on slices of pound cake and top with mixed berries. Enjoy with glasses of Prosecco after the meal—cin cin!

About the producer

The estate of San Giuliano has belonged to the Marchesi Paternò Castello di San Giuliano for over 800 years, and in all this time the recipe for their marmalade has remained essentially unchanged. The 22-acre estate is located on the east coast of Sicily, in the foothills of Mt. Etna, an area boasting some of the most fertile soil in all of Sicily—and an abundance of citrus trees.

The recipe for these estate-bottled marmalades starts with organically-farmed citrus grown on the San Giuliano estate—Sicilian mandarin oranges, blood oranges and red grapefruit, just to name a few—hand-picked at the peak of ripeness. The fruit is sliced and marinated in cold water overnight, then drained and soaked in a mixture of water and raw cane sugar for another day. On the third day, the fruit is slowly cooked down in small batches, with cane sugar and nothing more (no preservatives or thickeners here). The end result of this small-batch process is an intensely fragrant marmalade, superior in flavor and texture that captures the essence of the citrus.

Experience more Sicilian citrus—also available in Orange, Red Grapefruit and Mandarin Orange.

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Marchesi di San Giuliano
16.20 oz - 460 g

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Applebaum
Lovely Marmalade

I got three flavors - grapefruit, lemon, and Sicilian orange. They are delicious.

Howard Israel

Organic Sicilian Lemon Marmalade from Marchesi di San Giuliano