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Organic Linden Honey from Giorgio Poeta

Giorgio Poeta

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Delicate, bright and sweet with notes of dried apricot, Giorgio Poeta Linden Honey is a great all-purpose honey for stirring into tea or pairing with cheese

The linden tree is common throughout Europe and is particularly cherished for its aromatic flowers. Beekeeper Giorgio Poeta places his hives in the Fabriano hills of the Marche region away from other tree species to ensure that only the purest wild linden tree honey is collected. 

About the producer

Giorgio Poeta discovered his passion for beekeeping as a teen. The son of two farmers, he earned multiple degrees in agriculture before starting to produce honey in the Italian region of the Marche in 2004. First and foremost, Poeta sees himself not as a honey producer, but as a steward of the land focused on the health and well-being of the bees and their surrounding habitat. Poeta practices what’s referred to as nomadic beekeeping, an approach where hives are constantly moving to various flower-rich environments far from pesticides and intensive farming. This unique method provides the bees with an ever-changing selection of flowers and consequently, a diverse variety of honeys with distinct terroir-driven flavors.

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Giorgio Poeta
250 g - 8.8 oz

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Does not taste like Linden smells

Sweet floral with a tinge of chestnut honey flavor. Has swirls of soft, waxy crystals throughout.