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M’hamsa Hand-Rolled Couscous from Les Moulins Mahjoub

Les Moulins Mahjoub

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Handmade Organic Tunisian Couscous

Les Moulins Mahjoub’s M’hamsa, meaning sun-dried wheat grains, is made using the traditional Berber method. North African semolina mixed with olive oil, water and salt is pushed through a sieve to create small grains that are then left in the sun to dry. This careful, handmade method produces nonuniform grains similar in size to Israeli-style pearl couscous, but with a deeper flavor that’s nutty and toasty. Extremely versatile, couscous is a staple of North African and Middle Eastern cuisines and can be swapped into many dishes that call for rice or pasta. 

Ingredients: organic durum semolina, salt, water. 

How to use

Braise chicken or vegetables in one of Les Moulins Mahjoub’s tomato-based cooking sauces—either the harissa-spiked Tibar or the milder Teboursouk Sauce—and ladle over M’hamsa Hand-Rolled Couscous. Or, serve this couscous with our recipe for Chicken Tagine with Olives & Apricots. Add couscous to salads, where its rustic flavor pairs nicely with bright tomatoes and fresh herbs. And in the cooler months, use M’hamsa Couscous as a hearty filling for stuffed roasted winter squash.

About the producer

The Mahjoub family farms the soil in the lush Mejerda Valley of Tunisia, located on the southern shores of the Mediterranean. It is here that they produce handcrafted products under the Les Moulins Mahjoub label and are known for their steadfast commitment to artisan standards and sustainable farming. The Mahjoubs are recognized in the culinary world as one of the premier producers of extra virgin olive oils, table olives, and condiments.

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Les Moulins Mahjoub
Medjerda Valley
17.63 oz - 500 g

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Delightful Couscous

Delightful, hand-rolled couscous. The flavor is unique and the packaging is perfect. Well worth the price.