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Italian Pine Nuts from Pariani


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100% Raw Italian Pine Nuts

Please note new 100g size. 

Real Italian Pine Nuts are hard to come by. That's why we're excited to offer pine nuts from famed nut roaster, Pariani. These Italian pine nuts bear the rich, classic, intense flavor of a true Italian pinolo. Perfect for sauces, vegetable dishes, delicate salads and even desserts, just a few will enhance any simple recipe. We love to toast the pine nuts gently, releasing their fragrance, and toss them with sautéed swiss chard with a good quality extra virgin olive oil and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano.

About the Producer

Pariani is world renowned for their top quality nuts and nut products. The founder, Mattia Pariani, began his love affair with Italian D.O.P hazelnuts during his studies at the University of Torino, where his thesis on hazelnut oil won the National Innovation Prize. Not content with scholarly writing and research, Mattia began sourcing the finest hazelnuts, extracting and bottling his own oils from the finest Piemontese hazelnuts and quickly gained a reputation as the ultimate artisan producer of Italian nuts. Mattia’s passion is evident in all of the Pariani products, like his whole Sicilian pistachios and chopped Italian nuts.

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3.53 ounces/100 grams

Customer Reviews

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Debra Figone
Pine Nuts from Pariani

Best pine nuts for authentic Italian cooking. Wonderful flavor. I use them for my homemade pesto genovese as well as my homemade pignoli cookies. They freeze well and are worth the price!


These pine nuts have taste! And, they are delicious. Their flavor is rich and complex. Unlike most other pine nuts that may have nice texture, but a bland taste, these are very representative of what pine nuts should taste and feel like. I have purchased these a number of times from Market Hall Foods and have used them for hand-ground pesto, garnishing and non pesto sauces for pasta dishes and simple nibbling. The vacuum packaging goes a long way to keep them fresh. Once, I did not open a pack for about six months. To my gratified surprise, they were outstanding. I know their cost is high. But, I can reliably say that you will love these.