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Millefiori Honey from Franca Franzoni

Franca Franzoni

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Italian Wildflower Honey from Tuscany

Millefiori Honey—translating to “One Thousand Flowers” in Italian—is made from the nectar of literally thousands (if not millions) of flowers blooming in the rolling Tuscan countryside. This Italian wildflower honey is rich, full-bodied and complex with notes of chestnut, flowers, dry herbs and sweet woody aromas.

Each harvest is a reflection of the particular flowers that were growing in a particular place, so Millefiori Honey can vary from year to year. However, master beekeeper Franca Franzoni releases her bees in areas with a similar predominant mix of flora, giving her honey a more consistent flavor year after year.

How to use

Millefiori Honey is equally delicious as a table-top honey and as a cooking honey—swirl into your morning yogurt or oatmeal, add a spoonful to marinades and dressings or use in baking.

Make a sweet whipped honey butter for your breakfast table—whip one part honey and three parts softened unsalted butter until light and fluffy, and slather over freshly baked scones, buttermilk biscuits or thick slices of toasted levain bread.

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About the Producer

Franca Franzoni’s farm just south of Florence in the Chianti region is surrounded by acacia trees, chestnut trees and fields of wildflowers, where the bees collect nectar and bring it back to hives that Franca painstakingly maintains. Franca considers herself a partner in the bees’ efforts: aiding in the building of hives, directing foraging paths, carefully monitoring collection and movement and waiting for just the right moment to harvest the honey. Her passion for beekeeping and knowledge of the local landscape of blooms ensures that Franca’s honey is always an incredible, clean artisan product..

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Franca Franzoni
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