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Hazelnut Paste from Pariani


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Roasted and Ground Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts

This concentrated paste truly captures the essence of hazelnut. Famed Italian nut purveyor Mattia Pariani sources hazelnuts from the Langhe area of Piedmont, Italy. He then roasts and grinds the nuts to create a luscious paste with concentrated hazelnut flavor and toasty aromas. The texture is similar to that of natural peanut butter, making it ideal for drizzling over desserts such as a bowl of vanilla ice cream or a slice of flourless chocolate cake.

Though this paste is fabulous in sweet preparations, it also shines in savory ones. Add a couple teaspoons to a cream sauce made with Madeira and shallots, then use the sauce to top butternut squash ravioli. Or stir a spoonful into a hearty wild mushroom risotto topped with chopped hazelnuts.

About the producer

Mattia Pariani’s love affair with hazelnuts began during his studies at the University of Torino, where his thesis on hazelnut oil won the National Innovation Prize. Not content with scholarly writing and research, the nut nut began extracting and bottling his own oils from the finest Piemontese hazelnuts and quickly gained a reputation as the ultimate artisan producer of Italian nut oils. Mattia’s passion is evident in all of the Pariani products, which range from that exquisite hazelnut oil to nut pastes and flours, as well as decadent torrone.

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180 grams (2.8 oz.)

Customer Reviews

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Maria-Elena Marso
Rich Healthy dessert

Rich delicious dessert that satisfies cravings, and is healthy as well! We used to grind our own hazelnuts but this is more economical and taste better.

John DeFranco

I use it for making ice cream. It's superb taste and silky texture makes it second to none. Makes my hazelnut/chocolate stracciatella ice cream to die for!

Margaret Moody
Can't review this because my mouth is full

Drizzled it on a simple chocolate cake. We had a household-only holiday because of the pandemic and my husband forgot all about our sorrows when he tasted this. Sublime roasted nutty flavor and smooth, rich texture. Knocks your socks off!