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French Honey Gift Set

Gabriel Perronneau

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Assorted French Honey in Four Flavors

This sweet gift set from famed French honey producer Gabriel Perronneau includes four types of honey: acacia, spring blossom, mountain and chestnut. Each varietal is unique with its own characteristics:

  • Acacia: delicate, floral with subtle notes of vanilla. Great stirred into a cup of tea.
  • Spring blossom: a mild to medium bodied honey with rich floral aromas. Wonderful whipped with salted butter and spread on toasted brioche.
  • Mountain: medium-bodied with savory and herbal notes. Use in salad dressings or add to a glaze for roasted meats.
  • Chestnut: rich and full-bodied with a pleasing bitterness. Pair with French blue cheeses like Fourme d'Ambert or Saint Agur. Or, drizzle over crepes filled with lightly sweetened ricotta cheese.

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Gabriel Perronneau
Four 50-gram jars