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Crushed Organic Sicilian Red Chili Peppers from Gangi Dante

Gangi Dante

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Sicilian Chile Flakes

From late summer to early fall, Gangi Dante harvests their organic red chile peppers at peak ripeness and sun-dries them on the family farm. Sun-drying allows their fruity heat to concentrate and their texture to become brittle and easy to crush. Gangi Dante Crushed Red Chile Peppers boast a medium-level heat with just enough kick to complement a dish without competing with other flavors. Crushed and packed into a glass jar for easy sprinkling, these chile flakes are a versatile spice shelf staple.

How to use

Use Gangi Dante Crushed Organic Sicilian Red Chile Pepper flakes to add a touch of heat to pasta dishes like Pasta con le Sarde (Sardines and Wild Fennel) or Bucatini all'Amatriciana. Bloom flakes in a saucepan with hot olive oil, creating a quick chile oil condiment to swirl over soups or roasted vegetables and meats. Or make your own Sicilian chile paste by grinding the crushed pepper with a mild extra virgin olive oil like Biancolilla Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Titone until smooth. Spoon the paste into a jar, store in the refrigerator and use it to add oomph to pasta, seafood and tomato sauces.

Prefer your peppers whole? Try Gangi Dante Red Chili Pepper Bunch.

About the producer

Azienda Agricola Gangi Dante, a family-run business, specializes in farming and preserving local varieties of herbs and spices using traditional methods. Their certified organic 80-acre farm is located at the base of Sicily’s Madonie Mountains, known for its rugged terrain and the nature preserve Madonie Park. The park creates a unique environment, providing not only a beautiful natural landscape, but also protects the area’s ecosystem and village culture. Maintaining this balance inspires Gangi Dante to bridge local traditions with modern approaches to sustainability—like running their entire farm on solar power—enabling them to share their authentic Sicilian flavors.

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Customer Reviews

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Barbara Salvetti

All the herbs I received from this company are top quality! I cook Italian/Sicilian/French and Hae learned to cook Hispanic for my partner. This Chili pepper is wonderful flavor I even have given some to family and friends that feel the same on the flavor we all love it and use it in a lot of our cooking. I use it in my pasta sauce not for a heat but the unbelievable flavor this give my sauce is out of this world and you would never now chili was in the sauce. Excellent product! Thank You