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Crudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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2017 Harvest Puglian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aroma: Soft notes of green olives, hay and dried herbs. 

Flavor: The medium-to-robust olive oil has a rich, buttery texture with notes of ripe fruit, a delicate nuttiness and a subtle lingering heat in the finish.

Uses: This Puglian oil shines in simple preparations—drizzle it over white beans, use to make aioli, add to marinades for meats and vegetables or use to make aromatic garlic confit. For an easy appetizer, spread crostini with mashed avocado and garnish with a drizzle of Crudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a sprinkling of dukkah.

About the Producer

Puglia is the breadbasket of Italy; their fields of wheat and vegetables feed the wealthier parts of Italy and the world. However their traditional foods were born from poverty, which makes their regional cuisine particularly comforting. The people are hard-working farmers who don't go to restaurants, but cook at home with the crops they've grown. Their expertise in the kitchen comes from the generations who preceded them, which is a story you'll hear over and over in Puglia.

The story is the same with the Schiralli family - their farm just outside of Bari was started in the 1920's growing tomatoes, almonds, fennel, grapes and one of Puglia's signature olives, Ogliarola. The family now has 8,000 olive trees on 20 acres of gorgeous land in the foothills.

Their oil is named Crudo, in a nod to their traditional method of production that ensures a completely unadulterated finished product. The olives are grown, harvested and pressed on their farm using a process that minimizes oxidation and helps to produce a pure oil rich in polyphenols.


  • New York International Olive Oil Competition 2013: Gold Medal
  • The Best 200 Olive Oils: Der Feinschmecker Olive Oil Award 2013
  • 2018 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, Robust Category: Gold Medal
  • 2018 New York International Olive Oil Competition: Gold 

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500 milliliters
Harvest Date
Fall 2017
Olive Varietal
100% Ogliarola