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Highwire Coffee Roasters Espresso Coffee Beans

Highwire Coffee Roasters

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Highwire's signature coffee. This is a big espresso with milk chocolate notes. In milk, the sweetness shows beautifully as caramel. Designed to be equally at home in a pour over, French press or espresso machine. We started with New Guinea Sigri Estate, a coffee that has it all: full, liquid body, crisp high notes and the classic hazelnut note that keeps us coming back. We combined the Sigri with a thick, herbal and smooth semi-washed Sumatra, and an aromatic and citric fully washed coffee from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. The result is a coffee with a syrupy body, sweetness and completeness of flavor.

All Highwire coffee is sold whole bean.

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Highwire Coffee Roasters
United States
Emeryville, California
12 ounces

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