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Calivirgin Bountiful Basil Olive Oil

Coldani Olive Ranch

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Aroma: Bright, fresh basil.

Flavor: Bursts of fresh basil with a gentle bitterness and hints of licorice.

Uses: Screams for caprese salad. Excellent on risotto and asparagus. Try it on a watermelon and feta salad for a surprising twist.

About the Producer
The Coldani family has been farming the San Joaquin valley for over 90 years. They took a cue from the producers in their native Italy by pressing whole fruits in the mill with the olives. This allows the pure essence of the fruit to shine through in a way that simply infusing olive oil could never achieve. 

The modern planting and machine-harvesting techniques utilized at Coldani Olive Ranch allow harvest to occur at optimum fruit maturity for flavor and freshness. These fresh olives are then milled within hours of harvest using state-of-the-art cold-temperature extraction technology to ensure a clean and unadulterated oil. All of the extra virgin olive oil is estate grown; we don't use any pesticides and their product is organically and sustainably produced from their family owned and operated farm.

We're proud of the great press California Oils and Olive Oil Producers have been getting lately! Take a look at this feature story in The New York Times.

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Coldani Olive Ranch
United States
Lodi, San Joaquin Valley, California
250 ml

Customer Reviews

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Dawna Elko

I am obsessed with this oil. I look for ways to use it every day. This is my second bottle in 30 days. It is a splurge, but so well worth it. Go for it You will love it too!.


Subtle infusion on any dish.